Our Fleet

As of 6 August 2015

Current Buses & Coaches

171   Volvo B10M Vanhool N171 LHU

173   Volvo B10M Vanhool N173 LHU

174   Mercedes Benz Plaxton P174 NAK

194   Volkswagen LT45 Minibus V194 GGA

224  Mercedes Benz Plaxton P224 LKK

313  Mercedes Benz Alexander L313 AUT

326  Volvo B10M Plaxton Paramount C326 UFP

504  Dennis Dart Plaxton MPD X504 WRG

508  Dennis Dart Plaxton MPD X508 WRG

551  Dennis Dart Plaxton MPD X551 FBB 


Former fleet vehicles including vehicles on loan

106  (Volvo Olympian K106 JWJ)           

108  (Volvo Olympian L108 LHL)             

132  (Leyland Olympian NTC 132Y)  

162  (Mercedes Benz P162 TDW)

179  (Mercedes Benz N179 DWM)     

206  (Volvo B10M N206 TDU)

222  (Volvo B10M D222 LWY)  

224  (Dennis Dart X224 WNO) 

228  (Dennis Dart X228 WNO)

229  (Mercedes Benz Marshall P229 EJW)

314  (Mercedes Benz G314 CKB)  

318  (Volvo B10M KUI 3813)

342  (Volvo B10M L342 KCK)        

451  (Dennis Dart M451 LLJ)                   

455  (Dennis Dart M455 LLJ)                   

461  (Dennis Dart M461LLJ / M710 XJK) 

491  (Volvo Olympian M491 ASW)           

548  (Scania Cityzen 5480 WY)                

690  (Mercedes Benz Luton M690 DGT)    

751  (Volvo B10M M751 LAX)                

777  (Volvo B10M K777 DAO)      

779  (Volvo B10M K779 DAO)            

810  (Ford Escort Van R810 CTX)            

829  (Volvo B10M Plaxton Paramount H829 AHS)                  

855  (Mercedes Benz N855 PDW)      

905  (Volvo B10M N905 AAS)     

968  (Volvo B10M E968 KDP)        

K7   (Volvo B10M K7 BUS)

ETL  (Dennis Dart Plaxton MPD SN53 ETL) 

MKE  (Dennis Dart Plaxton MPD NK51 MKE)          

PDZ (Leyland National Greenway PDZ 6276) 

Caddy Van (Volkswagen Caddy Van V525 UBD)    

Oil Van (Mercedes Sprinter Van EY53 ESV)     

Taxi (Carbodies Fairway Taxi M461LLJ/N369 CMT)

Land Rover (Land Rover B99 JBA)


Shows and events

Cobham Bus Rally 2009 (Took P229 EJW)

Lewes Bus Rally 2009 (Took M461 LLJ)

Cobham Bus Rally 2010 (Took M455 LLJ)

Lewes Bus Rally 2010 (Took E968 KDP)

Worthing Bus Rally 2010 (Took M455 LLJ)

Herne Bay Bus Rally 2010 (Took P229 EJW)

Marwell Zoo charity bus rally 2010 (Took M461 LLJ)

Cobham Bus Rally 2011 (Took M455 LLJ)

Worthing Bus Rally 2011 (Took P162 TDW)

Herne Bay Bus Rally 2011 (Took P162 TDW)

Worthing Bus Rally 2012 (Took K779 DAO)

Cobham Bus Rally 2015 (Took X504 WRG)


Route History 

42 Old Steine - Lewes Road - University of Sussex

42A West Street - Old Steine - Lewes Road - University of Sussex

N42 West Street - Old Steine - Lewes Road - Varley Halls - University of Sussex

42X Brighton Station - Old Steine - Lewes Road - Falmer Station

42X Old Steine - Preston Park - Waterhall Campsite (Brighton Pride day 2013 only)

43 Hove (evenings only) - Old Steine - Lewes Road - Brighton University

44 Old Steine - Lewes Road - Varley Halls (formerly extended to Hollingbury ASDA)

N44 West Street - Old Steine - Lewes Road - Varley Halls

52 City Centre - Brighton Marina - Ovingdean - Woodingdean






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